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Caya New Generation Of Diaphragm for Barrier Contraception

The Caya diaphragm (named the SILCs diaphragm during its development and early testing) is a groundbreaking barrier contraceptive product. It offers a massive update on the traditional diaphragm with attention paid to every last detail for the ultimate diaphragm user experience.

Caya harnesses the all the positive aspects of the traditional non hormonal, non invasive, and side effect free diaphragm and completely revamps its design, making it a powerful contraceptive alternative for the 21st century women.

Single Size Design

There are seven typical diaphragm sizes, and when using a traditional diaphragm, a precise fitting is essential to effective use. Using the wrong size diaphragm will result in less effective contraception. To further complicate things, your diaphragm size changes when you gain or loose weight, have a child, or go through other vaginal procedures.

The Caya diaphragm replaces this difficult sizing system with one single size device. Caya is not a one size fits all diaphragm. Rather, once you are confirmed as fitting within the size range of 65mm to 80mm, you can use Caya without worrying about frequent refitting.

About 80% of women fit into the range of sizes that are compatible with Caya. Women who do not fit in this range must use either a traditional diaphragm or a cervical cap.

The simplified sizing may mean that more doctors and health practitioners will become proficient in fitting for a Caya, and diaphragm use will become a more recommended birth control option.

Completely Upgraded Features

The traditional diaphragm is a basic no bells and whistles device. Silicone material covers a perfectly round metal spring that is folded to insert into your vagina. Once inserted, it opens and to hug the vaginal walls, to create a barrier for sperm attempting to make their way towards the cervix.

The Caya diaphragm was completely redesigned to make a easier to use, more comfortable, and more anatomically accurate diaphragm.

The Caya is folded and inserted like a tampon. Folding the Caya is way more intuitive then any other pervious diaphragm design. Raised dots on the sides guide you towards holding the diaphragm between your fingers so that with just the slightest bit of pressure it automatically shapes itself into a narrow cylinder. Two grooves are created within the silicone for contraceptive gel, after which the Caya easily slips into the vagina.

Breakthroughs in design technology resulted in a contoured outer spring that conforms more accurately to the vaginal canal. The spring is light and easy to fold.

The silicone membrane that covers the advanced spring is unbelievably thin and almost silky, yet does not sacrifice the strength necessary to insure a will not rip. And of course, the purple color is way more appealing then the classic medical white.

Caya also incorporates a small dome at the front of the device to serve as a hook making it easer to remove. This is a huge upgrade on traditional diaphragms, where users often struggled get a secure grip and comfortably remove the diaphragm.

Increased Accessibility

The sad reality is that many doctors are not knowledgeable about the importance of choosing non hormonal birth control, and do not encourage diaphragm use. Add that to previous more difficult to insert diaphragms, and many women were just not confident in their ability to use a diaphragm successfully. But in controlled studies, Caya has a very high rate of unaided correct insertion. Because correct use has such a huge impact on contraceptive efficiency, the ease of use factor is a huge victory, and Caya should increase the amount of women who are confident in replacing their hormonal birth control with this all natural, highly effective, solution.

Although an initial fitting is recommended, the Caya is available OTC (Over The Counter) in the EU. This means that diaphragm users who already know their size can easily replace their old diaphragms with Caya.

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    • Single-size design fits wide range of women
    • Advanced design for ease for use and ultimate comfort
    • Safe, reliable, and hormone-free
    • Suitable for 65mm, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm diaphragms users
    • FDA and Health Canada approved, EU / CE 0470 Certified

    The classic barrier contraceptive just got a makeover! A new, more modern diaphragm with advanced design features to make insertion and removal easy and accurate. The Caya's one size technology reduces the need for refitting.

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