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The FDA, EU, and Health Canada approved Caya diaphragm allows more women then ever to finally make the switch to hormone free birth control.

Caya is a modern diaphragm designed in the USA. It is a completely revolutionary product down to the smallest detail. It features grip dimples, an easy removal dome, and an anatomically shaped rim. The most striking difference in the Caya diaphragm is the single-size design. Caya fits size 65mm-80mm diaphragms.

An initial fitting is necessary to make sure you fall within the range of sizes suitable for Caya, after all, would you really know if you were a 65mm-80mm diaphragm size just by guessing? For women who have problems finding a Doctor, Midwife or Gyno who can assess their diaphragm size FemCap cervical cap could be a good option as no fitting is needed. Check out the FemCap on the EthicalFamilyPlanning website.

Caya, just like FemCap and all other caps and diaphragms MUST be used with contraceptive gel such as ContraGel or Caya Gel.

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Hormone Free Contraception

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SLICS Caya Diaphragm

For years, diaphragms were the go-to barrier contraceptive. But the intimidating design and lack of doctors trained in fitting a diaphragm has pushed them into oblivion.

The Caya is designed to fit a wide range of women, finally opening up the world of hormone free barrier contraception. Its contoured design is discrete and easy to use.

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A 21st Century Diaphragm

Caya Explained

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A smarter design that fits a wide range of women has propelled diaphragms back onto the hormone-free birth control scene.

This 21st century diaphragm boast thinner yet stronger materials, a more flexible frame, and a radically different shape.

When paired with a chemical free spermicide, it is the perfect hormone-free birth control solution.

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Natural Spermicide Alternative



N-9 is a highly toxic and harsh chemical —no wonder so many women and men complain of irritation from spermicide.

ContraGel is a 100% natural, vegan spermicide alternative. Used in conjunction with a FemCap or Diaphragm it creates the safe, effective, and totally natural birth control system you've been after.

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